In order to teach the Montessori Method of education, the curriculum was broken down into definable parts that were interdependent. Starting with the underlying philosophy, the components were introduced in isolation in the same order they would be presented to children, while an entire beginning environment was available to see and experience.

The MAM curriculum is presented in the same way. Each Section of the curriculum is a complete course which supports the other sections. Each Section leads to the successful presentation of the next.

It is suggested that you explore the website. Read all the introductions that precede each Section. You will discover where you want to start. The website will continue to expand, for at least another year, and additional Sections will be added.

The Montessori Art Mentor is available to answer questions by email. A Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ) will be established to publish answers to these questions. Also, the MAM Blog page will address major questions of Montessori art education.

Part of the funds generated by the website will be set aside to make grants available to purchase equipment and materials that are needed to support art education in Montessori environments for MAM members.