Enjoyable activities that require solving problems using visual cues, clues and imagination

Visual Thinking

“No skill, whether it be skill in baseball, in playing the cello, or in thinking, can be acquired by passive reading; skills can be acquired only by active and informed experience.” Robert H. McKim

The Visual Thinking section is filled with activities and lessons that require solving problems using your vision, imagination and the ability to see an object presented in one view and mentally envision it in another view. Some of the activities are available for sale; other activities in this Section need to be prepared using illustrations from books such as those referred to in the Bibliography below. You will likely discover or recognize printed materials in unlikely places that can be made into Visual Thinking activities. An example of this kind of discovery is part of this section.

The visual thinking activities were housed on a shelf with other activities that built concentration. If an activity captured my interest it usually captured the children’s. Working through a visual thinking activity of one’s own choosing is another kind of an affirmation to reinforce one’s own ability to think and imagine.

Note: Some Visual Thinking activities were placed on the Special Work shelf because of their important connection to other academic subjects, e.g., inch cubes to mathematics.