Delineates all the aspects needed to create a work of art, starting with its idea

Dr. Montessori developed elaborate charts and graphs to accompany lessons. The MAM Art Chart is a framework for art lessons that demystifies the key components of how visual information is communicated. The study of the chart provides tools for understanding one’s own artwork and that of others. It outlines the information a person needs to aware of to better appreciate, communicate and support their own (or someone else’s) reaction to a work of art. These are the criteria for visual analysis, art criticism, and art appreciation.

It is not necessary to present the Art Chart in a sequence that begins at the top and ends at the bottom. This makes it possible to introduce it in parts more appropriate for five-year-olds. Then when children are introduced to the Chart as elementary students, they will be familiar with some of its beginning parts.

The chart is a referral instrument for any art lesson. Go to the chart each time you give an art lesson, and relate the learned concepts to the relevant components of the chart. In this referral process, the children will learn what to call the concepts behind their creativity, and will have their own idea validated by knowing there are terms to describe it.