On Allotting Time for Art Education

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On Allotting Time for Art EducationMontessori Art Education works when the principles and practices are followed. Time is critical to the success of an art program. We have about nine years to make sure each child realizes his or her innate talents and preferences. Our Peace Curriculum fosters self development, respect for self and others, and the conscious awareness of the needs of all people. At the core of our philosophy is the belief in the power, intelligence, and creativity that lives within each child. We trust children. They need those nine years to develop themselves in preparation for the next period of education. We don’t plant seeds one day and expect a plant to flower the next. Unless there is consistent time allotted for making art and learning about it, nine precious years will pass without the lessons of self reliance that are so necessary for adult life. It must be learned over time. We understand that in our traditional Montessori practices, the “I can” attitude must be applied to all areas of the curriculum. It takes time and opportunity to read, it takes time and opportunity to code for computers, and it takes time and opportunity to create works of art.