Georgie Story – The Uniqueness of Montessori Art Education: Part 2 – The Environment

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Georgie Story - The Uniqueness of Montessori Art Education_ Part 2 - The EnvironmentWhen first working with 9 -12 people, I had a difficult time getting my students to put their names on three dimensional work. It occurred to me that the tags I provided were big like those needed by younger children. I found a number of cute and/or funny rubber stamps that were meant to be used for making name tags or short notes. The students took great care in choosing just the right one.

It was important to me that 9-12 children’s artwork be exhibited in a professional manner. I wanted my 9-12 students to appreciate their own work, so it was always matted or mounted. I went to our city’s biggest art museum and copied its way of tagging work to use with my older students. I was shocked to find that many of our children did not know the meaning of the word nationality. We as adults can sometimes miss the obvious.

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