Georgie Story – The Sensorial Materials

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  1. Georgie Story - The Sensorial MaterialsWhile practicing doing the pink tower lesson, I was shocked that l had chosen the second largest cube to begin the rebuilding of the tower. How could I not see the largest cube? I corrected my mistake and went on to rebuild the tower, but the experience stayed with me.
    • While observing in a 3-6 environment, I witnessed a three year old make the same mistake that I had made. What a gift that was for me! Learning is a process. If you are new at doing something, age is not always a predictor of immediate success. Sometimes success is a matter of experience.
  2. The Children’s Studio was located in a building that overlooked the Ohio River and the Kentucky hills. The first time I ever gave this lesson on perspective to second and third grade students, one child in the group related that he finally understood why his little brother insisted that the houses in Kentucky were play houses. Now, he had a new way to explain the phenomenon to his sibling.

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