Georgie Story – Generating Personal Ideas

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Georgie Story - Generating Personal IdeasAs a young woman, I found that I could solve problems, create ideas, or experience a flash of intuitive inspiration if I remained in bed after awakening and just let myself think. I also found that if I did not write down what I received, I would easily forget the details.

With my eyes closed, I have even had what looked like a video about how to easily make a straw octahedron. It happened on a Saturday morning after having given a complicated octahedron lesson to three classes on that Friday. I remember thinking that night that there must be a simpler way to make that shape, and there was. Observe yourself. See if you also have an ideal way to think creatively. When you find it, use it.

I have woven my way of getting ideas into lessons. Here is an example from the Monoprinting lesson: “I always get my best ideas in the morning just as I wake up. With my eyes closed, I decided to use both hands to make two trees and grass for today’s lesson. I wanted a simple idea I could do quickly, so you could see how to make a mono-print.” I finished the story and the painting at the same time and proceeded to the Monoprinting lesson (See: Art Forms: Finger Painting).

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